Gardening Jobs for early March

It’s time to dandy up the dogwoods OK, you’ve enjoyed those lovely bright stems of Salix (Willow)  and Cornus (Dogwood) cultivars all winter, cheering up the garden through the dull months, but if you want the same again next year, you must be very stern with them (being a schoolteacher, I’m quite good at that).   Sharpen your secateurs and cut their stems back to the base.  The fancy word for this task is the slightly unfortunate term ‘stooling’, but don’t let that put you off. New coloured and leafy stems will quickly replace them.  If you don’t do this pruning, your plant will gradually become

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Gardening Jobs for Very Early Spring

Spring is knocking at the door! These are some of the things that Growbag Elaine is up to currently in her garden: SPLITTING SNOWDROPS It’s time to ensure that your carpet of snowdrops is an even better carpet next year! Snowdrop bulbs can sometimes be a pain to get going if they are allowed to dry out completely  (though frankly planting snowdrop bulbs that you buy in packets works jolly well too, so don’t get too uptight about this!). But if you can see where you’d like your snowdrops to spread to, while they are still visible, dig up the clumps

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Gardening jobs for February

Thank you everyone who gave us feedback on the future of our blog. It was so useful and encouraged us to have a go at a ‘How To’ column – some ideas on things to be done in the garden at the appropriate season. And here it is! Here are some jobs that Elaine will be tackling in the next week or so: CHITTING POTATOES If you’re going to grow potatoes, now is the time to choose your varieties online or at a garden store. Never be tempted to ‘grow on’ supermarket potatoes – only seed-potatoes are guaranteed virus-free. Unless

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