Preparing for the Chilly Season – Grow-How Tips for Early October

A real change in the air now as the garden takes on its autumn colours. There’s plenty to do as you pack away the outdoor furniture and make sure that your plants are ready to face the winter. Here are some ideas for tasks such as sowing Hardy Annuals and broad beans, laying a soil mulch, and taking hardwood cuttings – all the sorts of jobs that are usually done in the company of an inquisitive robin round here at this time of year…….. HARDY ANNUAL SEED-SOWING Plants from annual seeds can complete their life-cycle in one summer and...

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Grow-How Tips for October

The lovely autumn leaves are starting to flutter and fall, and it’s no longer possible to ignore the shortening of the days now – our wonderful summer has come to an end at last, and we gardeners must think about winter-protection, as well as planning for next year, even while we are savouring the gorgeous colours and scents of autumn. CUTTING BACK The usual time for pruning shrubs like Lavatera, Buddleia and bush roses is early spring, and I will still be doing that during March next year.  But these plants can become big leggy bushes by the end of...

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yellow roses

Grow-How Tips for Early June

It’s roses, roses all the way, now that June is here! You can stay in the garden till late on warm evenings, admiring your efforts with a pleasant glass of something. But do not think your work is done, Dear Reader, oh dear me, no. There are all sorts of tasks you could be getting on with, between your little sit-downs. Here are a few: CHELSEA CHOPPING (I said ‘Chelsea chopping’, Caroline, not ‘Chelsea shopping’…..) This is the name given to a sort of pruning of herbaceous perennials at about the time of the Chelsea Flower Show, and the...

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