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We’re three sisters who take a light-hearted look at seasonal gardening issues and share tips to keep you on track summer and winter. We send a post to our subscribers every Saturday morning

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About us

From left to right, Laura, Elaine and Caroline at the Garden Media event in London, March 2020 (just before lockdown!)

We’re three, ahem, maturing sisters who are really into gardening, plants and horticulture as well as having a good laugh and a bit of family banter.

All three of us have enjoyed juggling jobs with bringing up children and grandchildren, and weathering life’s triumphs and tragedies individually and together. Our parents were keen gardeners and we’ve all inherited their enjoyment of seeing things grow. Armed with the odd glass and a bit of sibling rivalry our horticultural bond is a never ending source of joy – thank you so much for reading our blog.

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