Combined pH, moisture and light 3-way meter


Yes it really can do all those three measurements with this multi-functional garden meter!

The pH setting is for outdoor use in the garden or your pots, whilst the moisture and light settings are most useful for indoor plants.

I gave all three functions a thorough road test and each one performed well (see the instructions for use and the results in the gallery below).

Knowing the pH of your garden soil shows how acid or alkaline it and is a really good indicator of which plants are likely to do well for you.

And now that house plants are having a resurgence I find that the old tried and tested method of seeing if it needs watering by lifting the pot to see how light it is doesn’t work so well with some of my larger specimens, so a moisture probe is really helpful.

The light meter showed that although there was sufficient light in my bathroom for the African violets, in the summer months, in winter it drops below the required level and they need to be moved to a brighter site.

With not one but two probes this professional, multifunctional meter gives a better chance of accurate results and amazingly requires no batteries.

It comes nicely packaged and has the following dimensions:

Height 10.3 inches x width 2.5 inches


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