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From left to right, Laura, Elaine and Caroline at a Garden Media event.

We’re three sisters who are getting on a bit now but love gardening, plants and horticulture as well as having a good laugh and a bit of family banter.

Big sister Elaine Fraser Gausden is a retired classics teacher (you just knew she was a teacher right?) has a small garden in Eastbourne, East Sussex and another a fabulous garden in what was a field belonging to the Normandy farmhouse which she and husband Nigel bought in 2006.

Middle sister Laura Warren has lived all her life in West Sussex (apart from doing a science degree at Cambridge – the source of her intellectual snobbery) and there she and her farming husband Tim have an eccentrically English garden which accommodates numerous dogs (including a Clumber spaniel puppy). Their farm includes land on the Wild West coast of Islay in the Inner Hebrides where gardening presents quite a different challenge!

I’m the little sister, Caroline Rham. I came to the Scottish Highlands after leaving school and learnt from the University of Life and thence the dodgy profession of journalism and communications. I’ve built a new house north of Inverness and am slowly trying to create a garden to do it justice.

All three of us have enjoyed juggling jobs with bringing up children and grandchildren, and weathering life’s triumphs and tragedies individually and together. Our parents were keen gardeners and we’ve all inherited their enjoyment of seeing things grow. Armed with the odd glass and a bit of sibling rivalry our horticultural bond is a never ending source of joy – thank you so much for reading our blog.

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