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Elaine was absolutely positive she wanted to get one of these kits, ‘It’s incredibly neat and clever – and ecological!’

This simple pot-making kit, produced by leading garden suppliers Burgon & Ball, allows you to make your own seedling pots from nothing more than recycled newspapers! You can create an endless supply of sturdy but biodegradable pots for seeds, seedlings and young plants (see our video below).

Just roll a strip of paper loosely around a wooden cylinder, tuck under one end to form the base, and use another piece of the kit to twist it securely into place. Fill your new seedling pot with compost and add your seed or seedling. When the seedling has grown, it can be planted directly into the ground without removing it from the pot, so there’s no root disturbance. The pot will naturally biodegrade. Full illustrated instructions are included inside the box.

This set makes three different pot sizes: 3cm, 4.75cm and 6cm in diameter, ideal for giving most seedlings a flying start – and all plastic-free.

The pot-making kit is made in FSC certified wood, and it’s perfect for gardeners trying to reduce their reliance on plastic in and around the garden. It also makes a useful and thoughtful gardening gift for any gardener.

Shipping costs so much these days. We charge a flat £3.99 for any size of order and to anywhere in the UK. Sometimes it costs a bit under and sometimes a bit over.

  • Pack dimensions: 17cm x 9cm x 11cm
  • Makes 3 different pot sizes: 3cm, 4.75cm and 6cm in diameter.
  • Material: FSC-certified hardwood

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1 review for Paper pot making kit

  1. Susan Ellery

    Have had a couple of these for several years. They are strangely satisfying to make and work very well.

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