Six boxes of seedballs for wildlife


Yay! These colourfully illustrated seed boxes are just beautiful! This set of six boxes includes seed balls for bees, birds, bats, butterflies, beetles and hedgehogs, totally perfect for anyone who loves their garden wildlife ?

The collection includes one box for each type wildlife plus an information card with details on each wildflower mix. Perfect for adults and children who love to encourage our native wildlife and help every species to thrive.

Shipping costs so much these days. We decided the fairest thing to do is charge a flat £3.99 for any size of order and to anywhere in the UK. Sometimes it costs a bit under and sometimes a bit over but we think it’s the best option for all and hope you agree.

There is more info on the seedballs below!

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Balls are made from seeds, clay, peat-free compost and chilli powder to deter slugs.

The ball prevents the seeds from being a tasty lunch for birds and insects, thereby increasing the chances of your flowers growing. Plus they’re super easy to use, no digging and no expert knowledge needed!

Throw onto soil or compost in a garden bed or planter in Spring or Autumn, leaving at least 10cm between each ball. Your seedball has everything it needs to grow and, once the ball becomes moist and the temperature is right, your seeds will germinate!

Use around 20 seed balls per square metre, or 3-5 seed balls for a 35cm container.

All seed is responsibly sourced in the UK from Flora Locale accredited suppliers. Seedball only ever uses peat-free compost and their steel tins are manufactured in London (with the help of a solar farm on the factory roof).


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