Gardening Tips

Great veg the easy way! Gardening tips for March

No apologies this week for focusing on getting some veg going!  I do want to mention a few ‘flower-jobs’ as well, but mostly mid-March is all about the luscious new-season edibles.  Growing your own vegetables and salads makes even more sense than ever now that the cost of transportation is rising so alarmingly…………… So here are some […]

Growbag Blog

Pots for those intimate garden coffee spots

Hurrah! We’re storming through the vaccination programme here in the UK but wait, that means getting the hair cut, weight lost and joggers back in the cupboard pretty damn quick and the garden prepped for VISITORS! Long-time family friend and Growbag follower Ann is seeking advice for creating little coffee spots in her garden using […]

Spring Great Plants this Month

Cardamine quinquefolia

This rhizomatous perennial (closely related to our own native cuckooflower) always takes me by surprise when its fresh bright foliage appears in February. The attractive leaves are five lobed and toothed, and they set off to perfection the mass of pinky purple flowers which can appear at any time during March. These are always a […]