Scent and flowers for the festive season – Grow-How Tips for December

What with the weather being very regularly…..meh in December, some of my tips this week have a somewhat ‘indoorsy’ feel – herbs in window-sill pots, and bringing in bulbs to flower for Christmas, for instance, amongst such hardier pursuits as compost-heaps and mulching the Agapanthus………And don’t forget to click on to our Shop Page at the bottom of this blog…….. Pots of loveliness When you buy ‘prepared’ bulbs like narcissi or hyacinths, it generally means that they have already been given their required period of cold and dormancy, so that you can just grow them on indoors to enjoy their colours...

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Preparing for the Chilly Season – Grow-How Tips for Early October

A real change in the air now as the garden takes on its autumn colours. There’s plenty to do as you pack away the outdoor furniture and make sure that your plants are ready to face the winter. Here are some ideas for tasks such as sowing Hardy Annuals and broad beans, laying a soil mulch, and taking hardwood cuttings – all the sorts of jobs that are usually done in the company of an inquisitive robin round here at this time of year…….. HARDY ANNUAL SEED-SOWING Plants from annual seeds can complete their life-cycle in one summer and...

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Grow-How Tips for Late April

Ooh, things in the garden are really starting to put a wiggle on, aren’t they! The soil is starting to warm up properly, and the jobs can pile up quickly unless you keep on top of them. Here are some suggestions for the next couple of weeks: DIVIDE AND RULE It might seem a little late, but I have always found that this is a really good time to divide clumps of perennials like geraniums, astrantias, epimediums etc. which have just started into vigorous growth, and will recover really quickly from being split to make new plants, if you keep...

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