Spuds for Christmas, and the sex life of melons

Wow, Elaine has taken us for a wonderful canter through everything we should be picking, feeding and watering in our veg patches in July. So with the planting season transitioning to the harvesting season, well done to all of you who gave it a go for the first time this summer. As the season draws on, we are gradually moving our vegetable tips back over into Elaine’s fortnightly Grow How column but there are still going to be times when the old girl misses a trick so this column will still pop up from time to time. For instance,...

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Elderflower cordial, new potatoes and wild roses

Hurrah, garden centres are open! So now is the time to go and pick up a few veg plants to fill the gaps left by plants that a) didn’t germinate b) have been eaten by slugs, mice or pigeons c) got clobbered by a late frost d) you forgot to water and died or e) the seed packet is still sitting unopened on the kitchen shelf (no one said this gardening lark was going to be plain sailing). To be honest, you could go along with a trolley and buy your entire vegetable patch this weekend, even root vegetables...

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Grow-How Tips for Mid-August

So how’s it all going for you?! In this year of peculiar weather, many of us will have been in unknown territory – how have our plants fared through a bitter late winter, a sopping spring, and now a roasting summer?  Strange botanical goings-on, worthy of The X-Files (cue the spooky music) but regardless, a gardener’s work is never done…. TAKING STOCK August is a great time to walk slowly round your garden with a notebook and pen and look critically at everything.  Make a note of plant-combinations that look fabulous even if they were inadvertent (mine very often are!),...

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