Bargain plants and parsley pickings – Grow-How tips for August

Here in the parched south, our gardens were greatly revived by the recent welcome rain – just what was needed! We’ve got lots of treats for you this week including a new Veg Update from Laura, and two reviews of products we have been trialling – see the links at the end of this post. Tasks for late August include taking pelargonium cuttings, watering camellias and picking up cut-price plants…………… Pelargonium cuttings Do you like the bright displays of pelargoniums (our feature picture this week) that blaze at this time of year? There’s such a hot-weather exuberance about them,...

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12. Herb Heaven #DigYourOwnaForCorona

We really hope we’ve talked you into growing some vegetables this summer, perhaps for the first time which is very exciting, and Laura has expounded on the subject of fruit. Let’s try some herbs now! Most are a cinch to cultivate, and they’re just as great for containers, hanging baskets, planters, balcony window-boxes etc as they are for a pretty little herb garden by the back-door………………………. 1. What to grow Herbs can be annuals (start, flower and die in one season), biennials (start in one year, flower and die the next year) or perennials (come up year after year)....

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