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Our 2023 garden successes … and failures

As we close one year and start the next, we’re sharing which garden plants and projects got the thumbs up from each of us in 2023.  Luckily for Caroline we’re also prepared to ‘fess up’ about the plants that failed and which projects sank without trace, so she shouldn’t be short of material for this […]

Gardening Tips

Sooooo much to do! Grow-how tips for March

The clocks go forward this weekend and we’ll have lots more time to be in the garden – WONDERFUL!  A million jobs are now clamouring for our attention out there. It’s just a question of which one is the most urgent.  Some shrubs need cutting back. The grasses need some TLC. And we mustn’t forget those money-saving […]

Great Plants this Month

Miscanthus nepalensis

Himalayan fairy grass This morning there was a definite chill in the air. Summer has surely given way to autumn, and this is the time of year when the ornamental grasses come into their own. In the average sized garden, it’s a mistake to grow too many different ones together, as they then lose their individual impact; so autumn is the perfect season to visit a few […]

Great Plants this Month Autumn

Stipa gigantea AGM

Golden Oats Sourcing and buying Stipa gigantea is not a problem, for this magnificent grass is a tried and tested old favourite but do please take a bit of time to position it. This is not the occasion to walk round the garden, pot in hand, desperately looking for a gap. To enjoy it at its best, bear in mind that it needs sun […]