Barn owls

Surplus veg, mushroom gratin and barn owls

I hope you’ve all had some successes in your veg plots this summer, especially those of you who are new to growing your own. But you may now have the rather pleasant conundrum of ‘what the heck do I do with all the surplus?’ Here are my suggestions: 1. Give it away to friends or donate it to a food bank. This is a really good option for both you and the recipient because an act of kindness (particularly to a stranger) is very good for your mental health. It’s an especially good thing to do with salad crops,...

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Let’s keep growing! #DigYourOwnaForCorona

Are any of your seeds germinating yet? If you joined the3growbags on our fortnight-long veg sprint, they might be. If you didn’t catch it but would like to start growing veg, there’s absolutely time to get going here. In any case until a more normal stride returns, we’d love to keep in touch. For the next six weeks, we’d like to share a post each Wednesday giving a veggie garden update, a recipe for home-grown veg (from a Growbag husband of course, we’re pretty hopeless) and a short ‘nature-note’ reminding us of the sights and sounds that come for...

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Feeding Early Bees and Prepping Veg Beds – Growhow Tips for February

Are your fingers itching, as mine are, to get going in the garden? While we are waiting for the busy-ness of March to begin, how about helping the early insects, beautifying garden trees or preparing the veg beds for the coming season……. Catering for Critters Unexpectedly mild winter weather in the south has been worryingly confusing birds and insects who are waking up before their customary food-sources are available, so we as gardeners ought to be aware of how we can help out these early-stirrers. It sounds odd, but bees are apparently more likely to starve in a mild...

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Grow-How Tips for High Summer

  The summer rolls on, and what a scorcher we’ve had so far! Water-preservation has been the order of the day round here and the drought-tolerant plants have had a field day while much else has struggled. To take your mind off miserable mimulus and such like, here are a few tasks to be getting on with: HELPING THE HERBS I wonder if your herb-patch is starting to look a bit woolly and floppy by now – ours certainly is!  – this is a good time to cut it back and encourage fresh new leaves to form before the end of the summer. Do...

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