Grow-How Tips for Late April

Ooh, things in the garden are really starting to put a wiggle on, aren’t they! The soil is starting to warm up properly, and the jobs can pile up quickly unless you keep on top of them. Here are some suggestions for the next couple of weeks: DIVIDE AND RULE It might seem a little late, but I have always found that this is a really good time to divide clumps of perennials like geraniums, astrantias, epimediums etc. which have just started into vigorous growth, and will recover really quickly from being split to make new plants, if you keep them

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Grow-How Tips for Early April

Hurray! It’s April and the clocks have gone forward, giving us a realistic expectation of evenings light enough to get out into the garden after a day at work. It’s a busy month with lots to get stuck into, now that the soil is (at last!) warming up. Here are a few ideas…. DEALING WITH THE DAFFS As your daffodils start to go over, please don’t chop off the leaves, or, perish the thought, tie them up. Yes, yes, I know they look messy as they gradually brown and die off over the next six weeks or so, but the foliage

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Grow-How Tips for March

So, we have struggled through The Beast II: ‘Fright From the Right’ and are now hopefully on the sunny uplands of early spring when we can realistically be getting some proper work and planning done in the garden.  It’s Elaine here with a few ideas for you: BEING BOLD WITH BUDDLEIA  One of the loveliest things to grow in the garden if you want butterflies is buddleia. On a warm July day, this shrub can be simply shimmering with them as they drink the nectar from the blossom, but to get the best and biggest flowers, it is imperative to

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