Spring Great Plants this Month

Primula vulgaris subsp. sibthorpii AGM

Sibthorp primrose This little beauty can be ignored no longer. It started coming into flower in early February, and every time I pass it, I think to myself what an absolute joy it is; not shouty but quite unmissable. Despite its diminutive size – a scant ten centimetres high – it has proven robust, tolerant, and long lived, and over the summer months it disappears from […]

Gardening Tips

Grow-How Tips for Early April

April garden tasks are almost endless. Sowing seeds, dividing plants, deadheading daffodils and that’s just the start of it!  So let’s get going with sowing tender veg, thinning perennials and tidying up ferns: SENSIBLE SOWING It’s terribly easy to feel you must sow all your annual veg seeds as soon as February morphs into March, and I totally […]