To plant, perchance to dream

  I have been in quarantine for a couple of weeks now with an impressively wheezy chest and have had to experience Christmas and New Year vicariously through E and C’s slightly competitive WhatsApp messages ‘We had 53 people to lunch on Christmas Day and danced till 2 am’ (E) ‘ it’s so hot here on Cyprus we spent Christmas Day on sun loungers round the pool’ (C) Grrrrrrr – they didn’t seem the least bit interested when I told them how handy my new Christmas hot water bottle cover had come in. During a bout of paracetamol fuelled delirium

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Looking back and so looking forward!

So here we are, we’ve reached Christmas again, and despite our very best efforts, our gardens are STILL not perfect…(for perfect look at Louise’s wonderful photo of her Great Plant this Month) As we systematically run out of options in the Brexit quagmire and England’s bowling attack in Australia, I think we should all turn joyfully to studying our gardens with a clear eye as to what ‘worked’ last year, and what didn’t. The wonderful series The Detectorists has just finished and it got me thinking about why a programme about metal detectors has struck such a chord with folk:

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All the Growbags want for Christmas……

Now what could you as a bona fide paid-up member of Gardeners Anonymous possibly want for Christmas?  You already have the greatest hobby in the world; five trillion small plastic pots, and a jacket-pocket full of handy bits of twine. And yet perhaps there ARE one of two items for your Christmas list, that could help to take your mind off your endless contemplation of which hat to wear to Harry and Meghan’s wedding. How about an ingenious device for locating the secateurs or trowel that you have yet again lost in the border? Having previously slapped a small homing

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