Growbags batten down the hatches

Yikes, just when we thought we’d got away with it, the weather went all Winter Olympics on us. So how far were you prepared to go to protect those borderline shrubs which you were just congratulating yourself on having nursed through the worst of the winter? In my case it was quite far; I have a penchant for subtropical plants and this week had to activate the ‘Emergency Procedures Plan’.  I did this alphabetically in order of a plant’s nationality, so the Chileans came first and into the glasshouse come pots of Crinodendron hookerianum (Chilean lantern tree, curious deep red waxy bells and

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Laura’s light bulb moment

It’s me first this week as I’m rather fed up with being last. Specifically I’m fed up of hearing how prematurely E & L’s snowdrops; crocuses; tulips etc have bloomed in Sussex compared to mine which are still largely hunkered down in the Scottish tundra. But annoyingly, even my neighbours’ look more advanced.  I’ve decided to act.  My earliest blooms i.e. some frightened Iris reticulata which, unlike the lush photo above, force themselves through the lawn with the fragile stamina of Russian gymnasts  – will next year be overshadowed by some horticultural Usain Bolts. If you’re North of Manchester and

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