Cyclamen hederifolium

So what IS making us smile this autumn?

Oh boy, if ever we needed our plants and gardens to keep on and on putting a smile on our faces, it is NOW. A long, slow beautiful autumn right into the back end of October at least, please. But what plants will help us rage against the dying of the light? (Don’t worry if you don’t get the literary allusion there, Laura – we know you’re a scientist and are much more at home with the latest paper on Phytopathology from the Royal Society……………..) Today we Growbags want to give a shout-out to some plants or foliage that...

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Sizzling ideas! – Grow-How tips for early August

Early August means the highest of high summer! The deeply troubling events of this year can’t halt the corn reaching as high as an elephant’s eye, or the fruit ripening on the branches. Let’s be thankful for that at least, and get on with some tasks like sowing winter salads, make some new sempervivums, and assessing your garden triumphs and failures……………………. Still the season for sowing! Are you one of the thousands of folk who tried veg-growing for the first time this year? Perhaps you even joined our 3Growbag beginners’ romp through the subject in our DigYourOwnaForCorona campaign in...

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Top tips for going potty

This summer’s weather has proved that gardening isn’t a great hobby for control freaks. You really just have to go with the flow and sometimes this delivers, as Louise’s plant of the moment demonstrates, and sometimes it doesn’t. But put a plant in a pot and suddenly you have much greater power over its destiny. And some plants genuinely do seem to do much better if removed from the hurly burly of the garden and given some personalised TLC (actually who doesn’t? )  Here are some of my top tips for plants that thrive in pots: Fig trees –...

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