A gardening year that flies by too quickly

A review of Diary of a Modern Country Gardener by Tamsin Westhorpe I so enjoyed reading this! Its lightness of touch and lack of pomposity carried me through it at a much quicker pace than I normally manage with gardening books.  Arranged in diary-fashion, it doesn’t become bogged down at any point with long ‘purple’ passages, and that is a huge plus-point, in my opinion. I found the little sections of monthly Must-Have Plants, Tool-Kits, Country Projects etc. absolutely addictive – what IS it about lists that makes them so irresistible in any form of writing? The narrative is personal,...

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Jewellery that springs from the sea

Regular blog readers will have come to realise that I am the only Growbag sister with really good horticultural taste. As it is with plants, so it is with jewellery. I go for understated, timeless class from ethical sources, so was delighted when we came across the work of Kate Lewis at RHS Wisley’s Contemporary Craft Fair. Kate collects her raw material as she walks her dog each morning on the beaches of the Gower Peninsula; seaglass, remnants of broken bottles whose sharp edges have been worn away and whose original colours have developed an opaque subtlety over the...

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funky white vase with small white asymmetrical towers

Check out Chive for a plant lover’s gift

Can we talk about brilliant gifts? So, not the plastic/sugary/laugh-a-minute ones or in fact candles (although who doesn’t love the aroma of lime and basil at Christmas?). We are talking about something contemporary, unusual, with interior-design ‘wow’ that your plant-loving friends will actually love and that won’t wholly break your bank. Interested? Then honestly, log on to Chiveuk.com (but please not right now or I’ll never get you back). The ceramics and glass containers on this site are what we’ve all been waiting for without realising it. Their clean designs and colours match the poetry of our plants. They beg you...

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