Digging this tip-top spade big time!

Burgon & Ball Sophie Conran Long-Handled Digging Spade


I absolutely must tell you about my new favourite garden tool! It’s a Sophie Conran Long-Handled Digging Spade which has been introduced this year by Burgon & Ball.

It has replaced my old and trusted border spades, for whenever I am busy in the borders, planting, unearthing or dividing things.  And that is for a number of reasons:

Burgon & Ball Sophie Conran spade
  1. I am quite a tall lady gardener and the length feels just right for comfortable digging.
  2. It might not be for everyone, but I really like the T-shaped handle for when I need to use two hands for more power.
  3. The mirror-polished stainless steel head and socket are clearly going to stay rust-free forever, and feel very smooth running through the soil.
  4. The shaft is ash which helps to lighten the weight – a very important consideration if you have a dodgy back, as I do.
  5. Most of all I like the fact that it has a smaller, narrower, slightly deeper blade than most other spades.  Anyone who gardens as I do with packed, densely-planted borders will appreciate this aspect.  You can target the plant you are working on more accurately, and the amount of soil you remove weighs less.
Using this spade is a pleasure.

I have yet to find any minus-points with this lovely spade – I think it is going to be a friend for life!

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