Banish those insect bites with Bite-Away


‘Bite Away’ – a treatment for insect bites

Bite-Away is a little patented battery-powered device designed for the treatment of insect bites.

It is a small gadget, and the idea is that you hold the ceramic end of it against the insect bite as soon as possible after you were bitten, and press either the 3-second (for initial treatment or sensitive skin) or the 6-second button, and it delivers a short burst of concentrated heat.

I know – it sounds daft, doesn’t it, and frankly very improbable as a bite remedy.  I was pretty sceptical, but I’m here to tell you that it works! It really, really works!  All the swelling and itching disappear like magic – straightaway, if you were swift in applying it after you were stung.

Yep it really works!

Apparently, the localised heat triggers a response in the body that relieves the pain – I daresay the medically-minded would understand more about that.

One thing that must be mentioned is that it is HOT – you definitely would not want to use it on children under at least 12, because it feels like the skin is burning for those few seconds.  You are half-expecting a burn blister to replace the sting!  But of course, it doesn’t, and the hot sensation only lasts for as long as the device is on  (the timing is strictly measured and precise).

Bite Away seems to be far more effective than any ointments or gels we have tried, and I can say with certainty that we’ll be using it from now on whenever an insect has the audacity to bite us.

Newly introduced to bee-keeping our friend Liz keeps a Bite-Away in the cupboard. You can tell she’s a neighbour of my little sister Caroline by the champagne setting!

You can buy them here

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2 replies on “Banish those insect bites with Bite-Away”

After years of suffering from red ant bites on the allotment I’ve just bought Bite-Away. I’ll try anything as no creams or pills work…even the one from the doctor. I suffer swelling and itching for days, can’t sleep etc.etc.etc.
Looking forward to receiving it and giving it a go…..that’s not to say I want to be bitten…AAAAh.
Love Libby

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