Check out Chive for a plant lover’s gift

Can we talk about brilliant gifts? So, not the plastic/sugary/laugh-a-minute ones or in fact candles (although who doesn’t love the aroma of lime and basil at Christmas?).

We are talking about something contemporary, unusual, with interior-design ‘wow’ that your plant-loving friends will actually love and that won’t wholly break your bank.

To collect and pass on to the next generation – Chive’s coral collection

Interested? Then honestly, log on to (but please not right now or I’ll never get you back). The ceramics and glass containers on this site are what we’ve all been waiting for without realising it. Their clean designs and colours match the poetry of our plants. They beg you to explain why you’ve previously been putting your delicately frosted vibernum sprigs; your precious early snowdrops or deliciously rich ‘Roald Dahl’ roses in something as uncomplimentary as Auntie Joyce’s blue vase.

I knew as soon as I saw their stand at Chelsea Flower Show in the summer that their Pooley 2 vase had the right smart, funky, endearing vibe for my friend Isabel’s home. But equally their terrariums and single flower vases are great for minimalists or those who just love COLOUR.

little glass vases with flowers in
Little glass vases all joined together – different and fun

Their faux succulents are about as good as imitation flowers ever get, and are just perfect for miniature low maintenance indoor gardens, whilst their new range of corals are beyond stylish.

Now Chive is not British or a micro-business. They’re big in America and now ship across Europe from a base in Birmingham so you do get the customer service and prices that go with economies of scale and their stuff looks fantastic when it arrives.

Start a collection of their ceramic plants and hang them on a white wall, or get married if only to have Chive flower vases provide the right note of optimistic fun you want to define your marriage. Or if you’re a really good friend to your friends, you could consider buying them a gift that’s just ‘them’ from Chive.

Pooley 2 vase: is priced at £30

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