Grow-how tips for mid May

After some really lovely weather through April and early May, much of the garden is shooting up all over the place, and the jobs are piling up! Let’s get on with a bit of border-titivating for the main event, harvesting rhubarb, and choosing some plants for our insect-friends…………… Before we get stuck in, welcome to our new readers! We’re very pleased you’re joining us on our main blog and hope you enjoy it. Every second week, I share some topical gardening tips (and you’ll find the DigYourOwnaForCorona veg-growing section at the end), and on the week in-between, you’ll get the...

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Taking risks, rhubarb recipes and yellow rattle

‘Plant out when all danger of frost has passed’ Aaaarghh….so when exactly is that? It’s the ultimate ‘read the small print’ cop out isn’t it? You need to have a few years of veg growing under your belt before you know to resist the siren call of a few warm days lulling you into in a false sense that summer is arriving early. And some early veg will take a light frost without any lasting damage; lettuce, radish, carrots, young sprout and cabbage plants will all pull through. But courgettes, squashes and runner beans are all ‘warm season’ plants...

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Iris pseudacorus

Dark arts, edible flowers and moorhens

This is the last of our Wednesday DigYourOwnaForCorona posts. We’ve 100% loved sharing the setting up of a veg garden with you and hope you’ll be hooked on the delicious taste of home-grown food this summer. It’s not quite the end though, as you’ll see at the bottom. We really hope you’ll stay with us – we’ve still got a lot of veg love to share. So, we’ve all had to hunker down for a few days, while what the weather men describe as a ‘cold plunge’ sweeps across the UK (also a feature of hot-tub parties according to...

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Celebrating what’s hot and what’s not

The3Growbags are celebrating! It’s the fourth anniversary of our blog. We began it because all three of us enjoyed gardening and wanted to make the physical distance between us seem less vast. We’re still loving every minute and the horticultural hilarity that comes with it. Since we began we’ve had Brexit, right royal shenanigans, world war anniversaries and a national pandemic we couldn’t have imagined back in 2016 keeping us ALL apart. So now our blog is not only bridging the gap between sisters, but between nearly 2000 subscribers and many more on social media. And to mark this...

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