Container Root and Transplanting Knife


Laura made an absolute beeline for this container root and transplanting knife at this summer’s garden trade exhibition.

She said she was fed up of using her bread knife for this task, and now she doesn’t have to. Made by leading garden tool specialists Burgon & Ball it’s invaluable for planting, weeding and maintaining container displays.

Slide it around the inside of a pot to release a plant before transplanting. Slice through tangled roots with the serrated blade. Dig tight holes for adding new plants, either by scooping or by plunging in the blade and pulling it towards you. You’ll find your own ways of using this indispensable tool, but one thing is certain; you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

This knife is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, perhaps the ultimate accolade in the world of gardening! Technical and shipping details below.

Shipping costs so much these days. We decided the fairest thing to do is charge a flat £3.99 for any size of order and to anywhere in the UK. Sometimes it costs a bit under and sometimes a bit over but we think it’s the best option for all and hope you agree.

Dimensions etc are set out below.


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Crafted in high-carbon steel for strength and durability, this root and transplanting knife has a tough powder coating for rust resistance, and the blade features depth markings for accurate planting.

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