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Growbags’ Chelsea Choice #1 – Hartley Botanic


Well I’ll definitely be going to see the folk at Hartley Botanic when we go to Chelsea Flower Show this week, to tell this Peak District-based firm how much I’ve enjoyed being their customer this last year.

They make glasshouses of every shape and size, and their Victorian range is to die for, in my book.  I wanted a glasshouse to attach to my prospective home in the Highlands. There were some gorgeous options but many were too expensive for me (my sister Laura’s very fancy glasshouse is what made me yearn to follow suit). Hartley Botanic’s Victorian Lodge glasshouse (pictured at the top at Chelsea) looked terrific, was just the right size, reasonably priced and best of all, I’ve loved dealing with them.

Foundations all ready for my new house + Hartley glasshouse

Together with my soon-to-be neighbours, Hartley Botanic has been the shining star in the otherwise quite fraught business of building a house.  There’s been no sharp intake of breath as aspects have changed through the design process – just a cheerful re-issue of the plans.  When I discovered their price also included installation I was flabbergasted. That’s seriously good value (they do know it’s in the Highlands, right?) My friend Tina would definitely ask ‘What’s not to like?’

I called in to see them last year at Chelsea and their easy charm proved the first step to placing my order. I haven’t regretted it for a minute.  Shove up the sofa in that glasshouse this year lads, this grateful Growbag is heading your way!

  • You can find these guys online at  If my heartfelt recommendation makes you want to give them a call, do mention the Growbags, we’d love them to know we think they’re great!

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