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The3Growbags’ video of the year!

Remember when we could huddle together!

This week we’re doing something a little different. 2020 was tough wasn’t it? If ever gardening came into its own, it was this year so instead of Growtips this week, we’d like to share with you a short video of our 12 months.

This, dear readers, was our 2020

Next week we’ll be looking at how the pandemic changed our approach to gardening. Meanwhile we wish everyone a safe, healthy and cheery New Year, and look forward to being back in the garden with you in 2021.

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By the3growbags

We're three sisters who love gardening, plants and even the science of horticulture but we're not all experts. We'd love everyone even remotely interested in their gardens to be part of our blogsite.

12 replies on “The3Growbags’ video of the year!”

Thank you Sheila, Elaine here. Glad you enjoy our blog – we certainly will keep going – we love it when folk bother to write it with encouragement! Wishing you a happy and safe New Year.

Your blog became something to look forward to each week, the veg course was very timely and the videos of conservatory, roses and veg patch were an utter joy – a moment of escape to someone else’s garden!

Veronica, Caroline here, what a lovely comment – thank you so much! We plan to get to grips with the old veg again this year so your support is really appreciated! Wishing you a very happy new year and I look forward to seeing your painting talent develop on FB too! xxx

Happy Christmas & A New Year full of Health and Happiness to you all. We love your blog & your video was a lovely round up. Our highlight was meet-up Elaine & Nigel in a September and having a wonderful tour of their Normandy garden, we felt very privileged. The blog is a gorgeous treat for us every week and as beginner gardener we learn lots and join in the fun you all inspire. We send love from Phili & Simon (Pays de la Loire, France)

How lovely to hear from you, Phili and Simon! It was great to meet you in September and show you round. To our sorrow, we have not been able to travel back to Normandy since we left in mid-September, but are desperately hoping that it won’t be too long before we are there again. My sisters and I are delighted that you like the blog so much – we hugely enjoy writing it! I do hope that you have weathered the last few months of 2020 okay in the Loire, and that we can all look forward to an easier and safer 2021. All the best, Elaine.

Just watched your video, it was great a real reflection of the past year. getting your emails every Saturday really cheered me up with lots of useful tips thank you so much ladies and looking forward to hearing from you in 2021

Thank you, Marjorie, Elaine here. Is this point at which Laura and I, in spite of all our shocking teasing of Caroline, have to admit that the video was all Caroline’s hard work?! So glad you enjoyed it, and hope you will continue our blog in 2021.

What a great video dear Growbags, cheering us up as ever!! Long live gardeners and gardening! Happy New Year all Xx

Thank you Celia, Elaine here. Laura and I will have to admit that Caroline did a much better job with the video than we would have managed – it’s lucky that we three sisters all have different talents! Hope you continue to enjoy your garden and our blog in 2021 – gardeners forever!

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