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The3Growbags’ video of the year!

This week we’re doing something a little different. 2020 was tough wasn’t it? If ever gardening came into its own, it was this year so instead of Growtips this week, we’d like to share with you a short video of our 12 months. This, dear readers, was our 2020 Next week we’ll be looking at…

Grow your own

14. It’s good to have a laugh! #DigYourOwnaForCorona

Awww – we’ve come to the end of our #DigYourOwnaForCorona ‘blog-sprint’.  Now, have you dug a veg patch? Got some pots prepped? Do you have seeds germinating? We hope so. We made a quick decision to launch #DigYourOwnaForCorona as soon as the UK ‘lockdown’ started. We thought that to add a separate blog stream on veg…