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Growbags’ Christmas quiz


Yes at last it’s quiz time! Elaine’s been persuaded to set aside her dreary winter tasks (does anyone else actually wash their greenhouse?) and Laura’s obsessive bulb-planting has briefly subsided leaving a tiny window for FUN!

We’ve put together a gardening quiz for you to dip into over the Christmas hols. You can click on the button at the very end to get the answers…..

Laura will be testing your plant identification skills, Elaine will be testing your brain power and I, well I’ll kick things off with this one:

1. What is the very best thing about Philotheca myoporoides (long leaf wax flower). Clue: It was given to Laura as a Christmas present but being teetotal it was frankly wasted on her – it should have been mine!

2. Plant identification

Below are five British native plants that also make classy additions to your garden. See if you can name them, then click on the link at the end to check if you’re right.


3. Can you turn DILL into a ROSE!!!

By changing one letter at a time, and making a real word each time, see if you can turn the first plant into the second in 4 moves:

a. DILL       ….        ….        ….       ROSE

b. CONE    ….        ….         ….       BARK

c. KALE        ….        ….        ….       HERB

4. Ah, here come all our favourite TV gardening presenters!

But hang on, they have all become a bit confused – a little too much festive mulled wine, perhaps?! Can you help sort them out?








h. And my particular favourite! : SWOTI JEF

5. What about a little rhyming puzzle to lead you to a horticultural Christmas favourite?

Use the clues to work out the letters that spell the word:

The first is in PLEASURE but not in GLEE,

The second’s in PRESENT but not in TREE,

The third’s in SCREAM but never in SHOUT,

The fourth’s in BRUSSEL and also in SPROUT,

The fifth’s in CHRISTMAS but not in TIME,

The sixth’s in BELL as well as in CHIME.

The whole is a plant to bring us good cheer, 

A festive adornment for this time of year!

6. And finally, a little general knowledge might be required to fill in the names of these people who all have horticultural surnames!

a. One of Bathsheba Everdene’s suitors in Far From the Madding Crowd –   G……  O..

b. Musician and lead singer of the rock band Led Zeppelin – R….. P….

c. Zimbabwean Test cricketer who became the England team head coach –   A… F…..

d. A Victorian actor who became the most successful actor-manager of all time –   Sir H……  B…….  T…

e. The 41st. (and father of the 43rd.!) US president –   G….. HW B…

NB Louise’s Great Plant this Month was such a winter star it was taken on long sea voyages where its tenacity was invaluable. You’re curious aren’t you?

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