pink rose

The Growbags’ 10 best roses

Roses are such an important element of the summer garden, you really should research thoroughly before making your selection. Luckily, and unlike the pool of potential prime ministers, there are some outstanding candidates to choose from, and we’ve had a go at picking out what we think could be 10 of the very best for you. 1. Rosa ‘Mermaid’. Not for the faint hearted, but with great ambition and sense of purpose. A real beast of a climbing rose with glossy semi evergreen foliage and vicious thorns. But who dares wins as the reward is simply huge saucer shaped creamy yellow...

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Gifts that grow on you – or not!

What is a garden exactly? Can you have a ‘garden’ without a human element? You perhaps know that the etymology of the word is ‘enclosure’ (Middle English from Anglo-French and Old High German), but an enclosure of what?  One thing for sure is that it is a heck of a lot more than just plants.  There are stories everywhere, layer upon layer, about the provenance of the plants, and they add immeasurably to the pleasure of anyone deeply involved in the creation of their outdoor space. You do usually remember who gave you what. I will certainly remember that...

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