Mint, cloches and lawn-edges – Grow-How tips for late June

We’re past the longest day and the nights are drawing in………………., but not before we have a glorious summer to follow the lovely weather of spring, we hope! Jobs and tips to get on with this week include drying off the tulip bulbs, utilising some household things in the garden and sowing some poppies, so let’s get started……. Household items in the garden No-one, I don’t suppose, wants a garden full of household paraphernalia cluttering up their flowery piece of heaven, but there are a few little dodges than can look okay, work well and can save you some...

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Iris pseudacorus

Dark arts, edible flowers and moorhens

This is the last of our Wednesday DigYourOwnaForCorona posts. We’ve 100% loved sharing the setting up of a veg garden with you and hope you’ll be hooked on the delicious taste of home-grown food this summer. It’s not quite the end though, as you’ll see at the bottom. We really hope you’ll stay with us – we’ve still got a lot of veg love to share. So, we’ve all had to hunker down for a few days, while what the weather men describe as a ‘cold plunge’ sweeps across the UK (also a feature of hot-tub parties according to...

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