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Great Plants this Month Summer

Pelargonium acetosum

Plants in containers really come into their own as the summer progresses. Pelargoniums, salvias,  plectranthus, dahlias and all the others are getting well into their flowering stride and none does it better than my subject today – Pelargonium acetosum or sorrel-leaved pelargonium. This very floriferous species pelargonium has glaucous green, almost fleshy leaves, they are more like […]

Great Plants this Month Winter

Rosa × odorata ‘Bengal Crimson’ AGM

Despite falling temperatures, still this china rose is in flower. Okay so it’s not a blaze of colour as in the summer months, but I’m so impressed by its persistence. On any given day during this very damp grey autumn I have counted at least a dozen flowers, and many more buds, on our rose. […]