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Growbags’ big day out at the Garden Press Event 2022

Wow, how exciting is this – we actually had a proper day out last week, meeting real people at the annual Garden Press Event in London! The event’s aim is to give us a chance to review new gardening products and mix with the movers and shakers of the horticulture stratosphere (don’t think Caroline got the memo though….)

Caroline at GIMA event
She was supposed to be learning about peat-free alternatives on the Evergreen stand but spent most of the time hooking aphids off a giant synthetic rose.

Elaine was in charge of transport arrangements so naturally we got lost immediately. But once we finally managed to catch the right London Bus and bagged the top-deck front seats E and C were like kids on a school outing.

Elaine and Caroline
Awww, bless! they’re like two little Country Mice visiting the big city

Once there, we realised just how busy the horticultural industry had been over lockdown, progressing peat-free, chemical-free and plastic-free alternatives for us to use at home. One of our favourites (and overall winner of the 2022 New Product Award at the event) was a range of re-useable cell trays made of natural rubber. They’ll last for years and are made of a natural product rather than manufactured plastic.

Caroline with rubber cell trays
Momentarily engaged by a rubberised product you can tell she’s really thinking about oversized aphids.

Meanwhile Elaine was planning yet more devious ways to ensure her grandchildren were lured into her love of gardening and was attracted to Johnsons’ child friendly plant propagator.

Think I know what’s going to be in the grandkids stockings next Christmas…..

I was just thrilled to be rubbing shoulders with some of my horticultural heroes and we had lovely chats with two of our favourite authors and columnists, Val Bourne and Helen Yemm, and a good old giggle with house plant guru and all round superstar, Michael Perry, aka Mr Plant Geek of ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’ fame (our feature picture).

There was plenty to look forward to for the summer as well, and Elaine was enthralled by the prospect of two new David Austin rose introductions this summer, ‘Elizabeth’ and the Morecombe and Wise inspired ‘Give Me Sunshine’ – both entirely appropriate in what is going to be a Platinum Jubilee celebration of all things British.

Rosa ‘Elizabeth’
Sadly at this time of the year we could only look at photos of ‘Elizabeth’ in full bloom although we had to restrain Elaine from snatching and making off with some of the bare root samples they had on the stand – it was almost more than she could bear.

I was delighted too when another true British company Henchman ladders (who will actually feature in the Platinum Jubilee Pageant Commemorative Album) offered to let me trial one of their wonderfully stable platform ladders to clean our glasshouse roof lights this spring.

The windows are set for a patriotic make over in time for the jubilee Bank Holiday – curtesy of Henchman Ladders

What a wonderful day we had, I’ve put links to the new products we were excited about at the end of the blog.

Elaine, Laura and Caroline at press event
All in all we had the most wonderful day – many thanks to the Garden Industry Manufacturer’s Association (GIMA) and the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) for laying on the event and the Garden Media Guild (GMG) for arranging our tickets.

Not sure it’s a viable as a new biological pest control measure but here is a little demonstration of Carolines skill at hooking off aphids.

And here are links to some of the products that impressed us:

Evergreen’s peat-free compost

Wildlife World’s natural rubber cell trays

Johnsons’ caterpillar greenhouse kit

David Austin’s two new roses for 2022

Henchman’s high ladders

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3 replies on “Growbags’ big day out at the Garden Press Event 2022”

I’m sad I missed you! Almost sent an email to see if you were going as it would have been lovely to meet you all. But I had such a busy day – four appointments across different parts of London, so I had to whiz in and whiz out. Looked for you, but didn’t see you. It was fun though. Maybe next year?

Janna – how lovely of you to message us. Yes meeting you in person would have been a real highlight in an already very enjoyable day. Do drop us a message at or call us on 07547 674277 if you think there’s a chance we’ll be at the same event. Are you going to Chelsea Flower Show? It would be a privilege for us to meet you + a luxury we’ve sadly got accustomed to foregoing! Very best wishes to you XXX

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