Berries, hips and leaves

Louise Sims

Berries, hips and leaves.

Autumn is restful and harmonious; and if the sun shines in November, the crystal clear light is unbeatable.
It is restful because unlike in springtime, there is no panic about getting on with jobs in the garden … we have all winter. One of my sisters once said to me “I hate that expression about putting the garden to bed” and having given it a bit of thought, I agree entirely. It sounds as if you’re not going to see it again; but actually, at this time of year, there is every reason to slow down and enjoy every last remaining flower, every mellow leaf and bright berry.

Euonymus planipes
Crataegus prunifolia

It is harmonious, because the autumn palette is such that it just happens, it doesn’t need human intervention.
I have picked out three particularly good doers for us this autumn; firstly, Crataegus prunifolia which looks amazing against a carpet of sycamore leaves, and lights up an otherwise rather murky, sunless corner. Then there is Callicarpa bodinieri with its bright purple berries against the frost, and whose cut stems last really well in a vase. And finally, euonymus ….. hmmm, now which one is it? Cue to go and find my gardening notebook without which I would be lost. I have finally found it … Euonymus planipes, and it needs no description from me – stunning!
What I would really like for Christmas is a five year diary so that I can record from day to day, and compare from year to year, all the goings-on in the garden … any of my sisters reading this?

Callicarpa bodinieri

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