Salvia leucantha


purple salvia
Salvia leucantha
Louise Sims

Salvia  leucantha known as Mexican bush sage, is a sub-shrub reaching to about a metre in height. I grow mine in my autumn border but it’s also a really good choice for a container because long before the flowers appear, indeed showing no hint of what will come in October, the foliage alone, with its felty willow shaped leaves, will play its part.
The flowers are actually white and having Googled the meaning … Greek, leuc, white. Greek, anthos, a flower … (thanks Elaine!) I realise that it is the rich velvety purple calyces that we see as the flower.
So I have already taken cuttings of my chosen plant, Salvia leucantha, because every October I am amazed at its ability to look so fresh and to flower so late, and I want to ensure that I have it again next year! Apologies for not alerting you all earlier if you were hoping for some direction on this front. Cuttings take easily and are very fast growing, and if by chance my specimen in the border doesn’t make it, (it has a hardiness rating of H4) I will have my replacement ready and waiting for the spring.

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