Growbags batten down the hatches

Yikes, just when we thought we’d got away with it, the weather went all Winter Olympics on us. So how far were you prepared to go to protect those borderline shrubs which you were just congratulating yourself on having nursed through the worst of the winter? In my case it was quite far; I have a penchant for subtropical plants and this week had to activate the ‘Emergency Procedures Plan’.  I did this alphabetically in order of a plant’s nationality, so the Chileans came first and into the glasshouse come pots of Crinodendron hookerianum (Chilean lantern tree, curious deep red waxy bells and

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To plant, perchance to dream

  I have been in quarantine for a couple of weeks now with an impressively wheezy chest and have had to experience Christmas and New Year vicariously through E and C’s slightly competitive WhatsApp messages ‘We had 53 people to lunch on Christmas Day and danced till 2 am’ (E) ‘ it’s so hot here on Cyprus we spent Christmas Day on sun loungers round the pool’ (C) Grrrrrrr – they didn’t seem the least bit interested when I told them how handy my new Christmas hot water bottle cover had come in. During a bout of paracetamol fuelled delirium

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