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Summer Great Plants this Month

Rosa bonica

Louise Sims
pink rose
Rosa Bonica – a heart-lifting asset for any garden

I’ve known bonica for a long time as I first took notice of it in my mother’s garden many years ago. She grew masses of roses and therefore had that understanding of their ways that can only come from growing them. I remember wondering, when she and my father downsized, how on earth she would choose which roses to grow in their new and much smaller garden.

It turned out to be easier than I thought, and bonica was on that list. I not only took note, I took cuttings; one of which is the very plant we grow today.

It’s one of the last roses to come into flower, but is well worth the wait! It’s generous and uncomplicated and gives of its best at all times. Its dainty sprays of clear pink, lightly scented blooms will continue on and off all summer until the first frosts.

There is very little not to like about bonica … robust, good foliage, almost disease free and with good hips in the autumn (stop deadheading at the end of summer if you want these). It’s certainly tolerant of some shade.

What more could you ask for ?

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2 replies on “Rosa bonica”

Hi Caroline your namesake here. I wholly agree with you. Bonica’s perfect little pink blooms look so delicious though don’t they. I bought one after reading Louise’s column and have been wholly delighted. We are a bit starved of everlasting prettiness North of the Border, so their enthusiasm is particularly welcomed. Thank you so much for your comment

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