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Omphalodes cappadodica ‘Cherry Ingram’ AGM

Louse Sims

Blue-Eyed Betty

Thanks to a good friend (and 3growbags follower), who reminded me of the common name of this week’s special plant, I have been dipping into a couple of books by Margery Fish. Having read most of them years ago, I am again inspired by her chatty and informative prose and am finding them hard to put down.

A member of the forget-me-not family (Boraginaceae), Omphalodes cappadocica is a remarkable little plant and its sprays of brilliant blue flowers will enhance and enliven any shady corner for many weeks. Happiest in part or full shade, and preferably damp soil, it seems also to enjoy growing at the side of a path or stone steps, even at the foot of a north wall.Margery writes: ‘The foliage of O. cappadodica may need a little attention after the winter, but most of the year the pointed leaves are bright glossy green’.

Blue-Eyed Betty is a ‘must have’ spring perennial and looks good with almost all woodland plants, especially primroses, epimedium, early bulbs, and last but by no means least, the unfurling fronds of ferns … pure magic!

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