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Hylotelephium ‘Red Cauli’ A.G.M.

Louise Sims

(Previously … Sedum ‘Red Cauli’!)

Just to confuse us further, not all sedums are re-named Hylotelephium, just some of them. Seen above with Diascia personata, my star plant this week is the amazing stone crop ‘Red Cauli’: it is one of those plants that just sings at this time of the year. 

Happiest in a border

Interestingly neither of these two thrives in a pot – the sedum seems to want to grow sideways out of it, and the Diascia is so brittle that if you pick up the pot, you invariably snap off a lovely long flowering stem! But once planted, I can hardly think of two plants that better earn their keep in the border.                                               

The marvellous result from a Chelsea chop!

Introduced by Graham Gough (Marchants Hardy Plants), it was awarded the Award of Garden Merit by the RHS in 2006. ‘Red Cauli’ has all the usual characteristics of the genus, but the intense red colouring of the flowerheads in combination with the glaucous green foliage is unbeatable.

This year I decided against the Chelsea chop for my sedums, and indeed they are standing up well thanks to a dry summer (height approx 45cms); however last year was different and the photograph above shows how very effective the procedure can be.                                               

Either way, ‘Red Cauli’ wins hands down!





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