Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora ‘Coleton Fishacre’

pic of louise sims
Louise Sims

Late summer in our garden – and predominant in the beds are shades of purple, lavender, blue and pink; the hot colours of the autumn garden have yet to get into their stride. So, my subject today is the perfect antidote to fit into this misty mix. Neither yellow, nor rust, nor ochre, it is unapologetically orange, and this is quite an unusual colour at any time of the year. Bright but not shouty, it fits in anywhere.

Formerly called ‘Gerbe d’Or (and it is not immediately apparent when and why the name was changed), it was raised by Victor Lemoine of Nancy, France, as long ago as 1855. It bears a profusion of arching stems with nodding trumpets of intense golden apricot flowers; these grow through the coppery, olive-brown, sword shaped leaves which beautifully complement the flower colour.

I have found this Crocosmia (height about 60 cms) to be hardy and strong growing, it is easy to divide (best carried out in early spring) and can therefore be repeated through your border. It associates especially well with purple leaved Sedum, smaller grasses and Eryngium, Limonium, Perovskia, and Tulbaghia.

Eat your heart out Monty – one for your jewel garden!

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