Chrysanthemum ‘Innocence’ AGM

white and pink flowers
Louise Sims

For years I fought against growing chrysanthemums, probably influenced by their association with funerals, and with those garish bunches wrapped in coloured cellophane on garage forecourts; but recently and most particularly after growing Innocence I have come to appreciate their contribution to our garden at what can be rather a sombre time of year. Who could not enjoy the soft pinky white flowers that welcome me each time I step out of the back door? Flowers that have, last weekweathered and come sailing through -2.8 degrees!

Innocence is one of the single Korean chrysanthemums, which have been bred over many years to more than earn their place in our gardens today. They are not to be confused with florists’ varieties nor with those that adorn the benches at competitions. These hardy types bring unstinting colour to the seriously late autumnal border, long after most other flowers have faded awayThey also associate well with grasses, whose foliage and seedheads are by now turning all shades of yellow, orange and rust.

Innocence has a wonderful upright habit (70-90 cms), its stems are well branched, and it doesnt flop. This year I have grown it in a pot, which means that I have been able to place it exactly where we will get maximum enjoyment.

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