Growbags blueprint to save the world

Apparently insect pollinators are responsible for one in three of every mouthfuls of food we eat. I expect you’ve all seen the apocalyptic scenario of empty shelves in the fruit and veg section if global bee numbers continue to tumble (don’t panic Caroline, grapevines are principally wind-pollinated so the wine aisles will be largely unaffected). Back in the day, Geoff Hamilton would simply recommend planting a buddleia to tick the ‘nature’ box but scientists now tell us that butterflies are just the eye candy and it is bees that we need to focus on if we want to save...

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Echinacea pallida

August – Elaine goes on film to explain the Chelsea Chop

We are using the high summer to dig into new territory. Do try our new garden quiz which sits on our site beside Louise’s Great Plants this Month We’ve also ambitiously created a Youtube channel. You’ll be able to click on our first video clip in Elaine’s section…from little acorns etc. Time was when your garden was pretty much spent by August; the roses were over and going down with mildew, sweet peas had exhausted themselves, Alchemilla mollis going into dingy decline – you could happily go off on three weeks holiday safe in the knowledge that you would be missing nothing of any note...

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