Come on folks – get busy with the unicorn dung

What a splendid day we had at Chelsea!  The sun shone, the flowers amazed, and even the surprisingly LONG QUEUE TO WASH YOUR HANDS after the loo (!) did not deter us from enjoying our day (there was some disgracefully sexist talk in the line about how long men would queue for, to wash their hands). So what did I think?  I was pretty disappointed with most of the Show Gardens.  Too many had messy planting schemes, or very odd hard-landscaping.  I cannot see why a garden in Jordan, or Provence, or wherever it was that Andy Sturgeon was showing,

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We’re slugging it out with garden pests

Middle sister Laura kicks off:   So, we know sowing seeds immeasurably improves your sense of well-being but we now need to consider the dark forces that can descend as you sleep and rob you of all this self satisfaction in a few strategic rasps their radulas.I am referring of course to slugs.There are many bizarre substances said to deter them: eggshell  coffee grounds, beer traps, wool ..(and no doubt the eye of newt and toe of frog) They are said to be averse to copper so I have tried surrounding particularly sensitive shoots such as emerging clematis with copper rings.

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