Growbag tulip pendant


So you want to look contemporary and lively; you’re going for a classic look but want that flash of colour to catch the eye? We’ve got it…..

Vibrant orange and dark green pendant on silver chain. Hand-enamelled on a metal base this abstract design is based on flower forms drawing on our gorgeous tulip logo.

The Growbags pendant reflects our logo. It takes the bright ‘pow!’ of Princes Irene tulips and moves it up a gear to produce a vibrant orange and dark green abstract design. Hand-made, each one has a slightly different design.

This enamelled metal square of brilliance is JUST what you want for that black top; your purple dress (remember girls, keep wearing purple) or in fact just your beautiful naked skin!

It comes with a 18 inch silver chain.


Shipping costs so much these days. We decided to charge a flat £3.99 for any size of order and to anywhere in the UK. Sometimes it costs a bit under and sometimes a bit over but we think it’s the best option for all and hope you agree.

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Additional information

Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 2.8 × 2.8 × .10 cm


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