Podcast – Gardening trends for 2022

Podcast - Gardening trends for 2022

By the3growbags

We're three sisters who love gardening, plants and even the science of horticulture but we're not all experts. We'd love everyone even remotely interested in their gardens to be part of our blogsite.

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I really love your email arriving Saturday mornings and today I decided to listen to your podcast as well it was great to hear your voices it sounded just like some friends had come round for a chat lovely

Oh thank you, Marjorie! We haven’t been doing this podcasting lark very long, so we have been feeling our way a bit. The greatest challenges are keeping pets and members of our families out of earshot for long enough, and trying not to dissolve into giggles – always a real danger when we are chatting together! Glad you enjoyed it. We so appreciate such encouragement – please keep spreading the word about us, if you can. Very best wishes, Elaine.

My head gardener seems to think heathers and conifers will be making a comeback……..I think Zinnias and Chrysanthemum are the next big thing….. Dahlias will continue for another couple of years at least! ice baths ….no way …not even here in the South!!
Happy New Year all……enjoying your podcasts 👍👌😁

Hello Angela
I think these predictions are pretty spot on, I’ve been quietly amassing hardy chrysanthemums for a couple of years waiting for their moment to shine. I love zinnias too – brilliant cut flowers, but I struggle to grow them successfully. I never stopped growing heathers, especially the winter flowering ones as they’re so good for early bumble bees.
Happy New Year to you too!

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