Want to grow your own food?

Most of us have to stay at home right now – it’s the best thing we can do for everyone. But it feels like we should be doing SOMETHING.

Why not grow some veg with us three old girls? Having some of your own fresh food on hand this summer could help you and your neighbours and in any case, home-grown anything tastes fantastic. Added to which it’ll get you into the fresh air, keeping you fit and healthy.

It’s not just for people with gardens. There’s something here for everyone – you can grow produce in pots and even on your indoor windowsill, no previous experience required!

Join in our #DigYourOwnaForCorona campaign this fortnight. We’re publishing a new step every day right now. If you’d like to get them sent straight into your inbox every morning,


(If you have a btinternet.com email address please just email us directly at the3growbags@gmail.com and we’ll add you.)

or follow the course so far here:

0. Welcome to DigYourOwnaForCorona

1. How to create your veg bed

2. Getting some spuds on the go

3. Broad beans

4. Know your onions!

5. Dwarf runner beans, beans and carrots

6. You say tomatoes, I say terrific!

7. Salad crops

8. It’s courgettes and squashes today!

9. Winter veg – why you need a PLAN

10. Today it’s chard, spinach and kale!

11. What about some fabulous fruit?

12. Herb heaven

13 Show your veg plot a bit of love

Keep calm and garden on. We’ll be with you every step of the way, on here or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re new to The3Growbags, we are three sisters (Laura, Caroline and me, Elaine) We write a weekly blog about gardening and enjoy a good laugh. If you’d like to get our weekly chit-chat please do subscribe.

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    1. Ros, caroline here, I actually think growing veg in pots is the best idea for a lot of us. I have the space here but being right by the sea in Scotland, I find it less stressful to manage plants in pots and move them to where they get the most shelter throughout the summer. Let’s hear it for the pot growers! (actually could do with growing some pot right now!) All the very best from T3G!

    1. Thank you so much for this – we really hope people are enjoying and getting value out of this little campaign! Kindest regards from us all

    1. Aw, we’re taking that as a compliment, thank you, but you can still read all the DigYourOwnaForCorona posts on our site. You’ll be growing all sorts of veg before you know it. Hopefully suppliers will be re-stocking and there’s still plenty of time to start most things off. Very best of luck, we hope you’ll sign up to our main blog, but we’ll still be keeping DigYourOwnaForCorona going and we’d be delighted if you joined us, Kind regards, Caroline

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