Elderflower cordial, new potatoes and wild roses

Hurrah, garden centres are open! So now is the time to go and pick up a few veg plants to fill the gaps left by plants that a) didn’t germinate b) have been eaten by slugs, mice or pigeons c) got clobbered by a late frost d) you forgot to water and died or e) the seed packet is still sitting unopened on the kitchen shelf (no one said this gardening lark was going to be plain sailing). To be honest, you could go along with a trolley and buy your entire vegetable patch this weekend, even root vegetables...

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Taking risks, rhubarb recipes and yellow rattle

‘Plant out when all danger of frost has passed’ Aaaarghh….so when exactly is that? It’s the ultimate ‘read the small print’ cop out isn’t it? You need to have a few years of veg growing under your belt before you know to resist the siren call of a few warm days lulling you into in a false sense that summer is arriving early. And some early veg will take a light frost without any lasting damage; lettuce, radish, carrots, young sprout and cabbage plants will all pull through. But courgettes, squashes and runner beans are all ‘warm season’ plants...

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Iris pseudacorus

Dark arts, edible flowers and moorhens

This is the last of our Wednesday DigYourOwnaForCorona posts. We’ve 100% loved sharing the setting up of a veg garden with you and hope you’ll be hooked on the delicious taste of home-grown food this summer. It’s not quite the end though, as you’ll see at the bottom. We really hope you’ll stay with us – we’ve still got a lot of veg love to share. So, we’ve all had to hunker down for a few days, while what the weather men describe as a ‘cold plunge’ sweeps across the UK (also a feature of hot-tub parties according to...

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Hawthorn blossom

Spuds, squalls and squirrels

It’s May and our hedges are full of blossom and hopefully your veg patches are burgeoning too. How are your spuds coming on? Through the ground yet? Maybe you had good intentions but didn’t get round to planting any …..but it’s not too late if you pick the right variety. ‘Second earlies’ like the lovely waxy salad potato, Charlotte, will still crop well this summer if planted now, and because the soil is so much warmer you can cut out the chitting stage. A ‘main crop’ like King Edward (still the best for roast, chipped and jacket potato) planted...

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