A bit about us

Thank you so much for dipping in to our new blog. We’re three unremarkable sisters who like to laugh and love gardening.  My sister Laura Warren has lived forever on a West Sussex farm. My other sister Elaine Fraser Gausden has a small garden in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and a much bigger affair altogether in Normandy, France. I’m Caroline Rham, I live and garden just south of Edinburgh right beside the North Sea in Scotland.

Our parents were keen gardeners in a post-war, productive fashion and we’ve all inherited the wonder of it all, if not altogether the talent in my case. Armed with the odd glass and a bit of sibling rivalry our horticultural bond is a never ending source of joy – we’d get so much pleasure from you joining the whole experience.


  1. If your sisters are at all like you, Caroline then they will be remarkable!
    Love the blogs they make interesting reading and reflect some of my thoughts and experiences gardening, just a lot more knowledge shining through.

  2. You are actually far too kind Kate. Gardening in Argyll takes a special kind of dedication – truly a triumph of hope over experience, any anecdotes or advice you have from your part of the world will be lovely to hear.

  3. Love the blog Caroline. I’ll continue to read with interest. It may even encourage me to experiment a bit further.

    1. Thank you very much Briege – my sisters have an encyclopaedic knowledge of gardening and to be able to share it across the ether with near and distant friends has been one of the life-affirming joys that technology provides. I’m not as expert as them but very keen as you will discover if, hopefully, you are still able to dip in

  4. You are the Abfab of gardening gnomery. Loving the jollity, the modesty and the ambition. So lucky to work with Elaine to gather tips first hand.

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