Polypoduim cambricum ‘Richard Kayse’ AGM

Around about the time that Vermeer was finishing his painting ‘The Astronomer’, and in the year that Spain recognised Portugal as an independent nation, a man named Richard Kayse from Bristol discovered this beautiful fern growing on limestone cliffs near Cardiff. Two centuries later it had disappeared from cultivation, and it was not until another 200 years had passed, in 1980, that fern expert Martin Rickard set out with a pair of binoculars and rediscovered it in the exact same spot, in an area which is now an SSSI: Site of Special Scientific Interest. This beautiful, slowly spreading fern...

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funky white vase with small white asymmetrical towers

Check out Chive for a plant lover’s gift

Can we talk about brilliant gifts? So, not the plastic/sugary/laugh-a-minute ones or in fact candles (although who doesn’t love the aroma of lime and basil at Christmas?). We are talking about something contemporary, unusual, with interior-design ‘wow’ that your plant-loving friends will actually love and that won’t wholly break your bank. Interested? Then honestly, log on to Chiveuk.com (but please not right now or I’ll never get you back). The ceramics and glass containers on this site are what we’ve all been waiting for without realising it. Their clean designs and colours match the poetry of our plants. They beg you...

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Grow-How Tips for November

Let’s be honest – once we’re deep into November, there is less temptation to get down and dirty in the garden. But if you wrap up warm and step out there, I can assure you that you will find satisfying jobs that will give you more of a cosy glow than tidying the crockery cupboard or watching daytime telly.  Here are a few ideas to get you started: PLANTING UP A WINTER POT Just because the summer razzmatazz is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some vivid colour by your door to cheer you through the cold months. There...

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10 reasons to be cheerful in November

I love November, not just because it’s my birthday on the 29th (sorry but I just needed to make reference to this in public so that C and E officially have no excuses…) but because it’s  about the only month in the year when you can actually RELAX.  OK so Elaine will try and have you out turning the compost or planting bare root hedges, but honestly there’s no need, you CAN just swan around the garden clasping a hot drink inspecting things (Caroline doesn’t even go outside she just looks at things through triple glazed windows). So let’s list the...

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