Gardening Heroes – it takes all types

Can you remember the exact moment when you realised gardening wasn’t boring? I ask the question as I have watched young adults recently realise that politics isn’t boring when you have an anarchic, anti-establishment underdog telling you that things don’t have to be the same old, same old… Nor do they have to be in gardening – for me it was a comment in an obscure book that the world would be a better place if every Weigela bush was piled high on a bonfire and burnt. Now I personally have nothing against Weigelas and actually grow a good one in

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Hemerocallis citrina x ochroleuca

What plant shall I choose today? In the last 24 hours I have changed my mind at least three or four times, such is the amazing wealth of flowers in the garden in June. Amidst the tumbling profusion of roses, clematis, philadelphus, geraniums and all the rest, the cool poise of Hemerocallis citrina x ochroleuca won the day; not least because it stands straight and tall at over one metre and does not need staking! It bears fragrant, pale lemon yellow flowers and these are held well above the foliage. Unlike many of the genus, the balance between flowers and foliage

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Keep calm and allium on!

Strong and stable: for the many not the few; politicians seem to have had alliums very much on their minds going into this election. There aren’t many gardens which don’t have these wonderfully architectural plants dominating their beds in June. It’s a funny thing about alliums – we use the Latin name for all the decorative ones, and common names – onion, garlic, chives etc – for the edible ones.  The pretty ones are the kings of the June garden – and a calming sight this morning after such a divided election result. I love Allium christophii with its hundreds of violet metallic stars. The

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